awesome places for asian wedding photography in uk

To get ready for the pre-wedding photoshoots nowadays, it is important that one zero in an adept photographer and an outstanding location for the shoot. To find a good location for Asian pre-wedding photography in the UK is quite challenging unless there is a strong concept on board.

Photographers generally keep the real feel of London in their shots enabling the couple to find their best shots in the backdrop of the beautiful places in the UK.

Here are five awesome places for getting pre-wedding photography done in the UK, especially for Asians:

• Blenheim Palace

Photographing Indians and Asians at this place is great, as the backdrop with the palace looks astounding. Look for a good day with good light and the shoot that might take up about 3 hours, will be a breeze. Also, the flowers and the greenery add to the charm, and you can flip some of the pictures into brilliant silhouettes that play well with a defined background.

blenheim palace
The lake beyond the Blenheim Palace brings solitude to the fore, where the couples together look like a perfect fit for the start of a fairytale.

• Richmond Park/Kensington Gardens

Spending a day at Richmond Park and Kensington Gardens for an outdoor engagement shoot is one thing that is perfect for a wedding photographer. It is fun to exploring eleven acres of landscaped gardens near Pembroke Lodge, as the couples can strike various poses beside the flora and fauna.

kensington gardens london
With a stunning Georgian mansion, Pembroke Lodge situated at highest grounds of Richmond Park, London one can get photographs of the couple with the backdrop of Thames Valley. Additionally, with tea rooms and gardens open for all, the pictures acquire more grace and charm as the shoot progresses.

Get a collection of formal poses and casual moments and zero in on the styles of photographs that would help the couple to feel relaxed. The wildflower meadows with the local deer add the charisma to the pre-wedding shoots like no other. King Henry’s Mound is an ideal romantic setting at the end of the day under fading light, and perfect for some intimate photographs.

• Brighton Pier

Photographing a pre-wedding shoot in Brighton is exciting. Early morning is one good time for the shoot as one can get outstanding pictures of the couple, walking on the beach on lovely warm days. With less crowd, it becomes even easier to have multiple shots of the couples, being intimate with each other, peeking into the eyes.

wedding shoot brighton

As Asian weddings are celebrated with much fanfare, the quiet and subtle pictures with amazing background serve as a beautiful reminder of the future the couples are going to share. The location is perfect to capture the smiles and glamor too.

• Sandbanks

Sandbanks offer a beautiful windy beach paradise setting to pre-wedding photo shoots. The beach presents several vistas for some poses and some outstanding couple pictures especially when the sun is shining. One can hide behind sand dunes to withstand the windy days, and then click some pictures beyond the local hotel.

sandbanks beach wedding photographer

Shooting a pre-wedding shot at the location is a blast as the waves hurtle to the shore at great speed, and the cloudy skies more often than not give out great black and white pictures that would help the couples relive those moments again and again.

• South Bank London

This location being the entertainment and commercial district in Central of London is an attraction for Asian couples. One can have a great atmosphere for the shoot and a perfect vibe that is hard to dislike and describe. Before heading on to a formal shoot, you can have some moments that are graced by some lovely light, near South Bank, capturing the real feel of London in the shots.

south bank london
One can get some poses done near Tower Bridge, and then click some casual moments near Borough Market. The backwater alleyways around the Borough will also add to the charm and delight of the pre-wedding shoot. Aim for something subtle on Millennium Bridge, especially when the sun is setting, as glamour and nature go hand in hand amidst the brilliant vistas.


Capturing the pre-wedding shots for Asian couples is easy in London and many places in the UK. But the above list focuses on the best vistas that will certainly add some magic to the valuable pre-wedding moments. The choice is yours!

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