Professional Wedding Photographers need to take care of multiple things to commence on the wedding shoot efficiently.

Here is a comprehensive list of 20 tips that will aid all budding professional Asian wedding photographers:

1.  Turn off the Sound Before Shooting

If there are some camera beeps and sounds, switch them off before shooting. You do not want the tech sounds to meddle with speeches, the wedding kiss and the vows.

2. Use Two Cameras for Shooting

Get an extra camera for the day and then set up two different lenses for the shoot. One can have the wide angle lens for shooting in tight spaces and one longer lens of about 200mm. You can simultaneously use telephoto zoom lenses too.

3. Be bold without being Obtrusive

Timidity won’t help in getting ‘the shot’ and one has to be bold enough for capturing the moment. Timing is everything and the right position for key moments are extremely important. Try to time shots for key events and keep things moving.

4. Shoot in RAW

Shooting in RAW will always give better flexibility in choosing the shots and one can manipulate shots after taking them. The tricky lighting can sometimes prove to be dicey to manipulate white balance after the act. Shooting in RAW aids you to tweak images as you deem fit.

5. Consider Your Perfect Backgrounds

Since people go everywhere during the ceremony, choosing the backgrounds of your shots is important. Particularly with formal shots, a good background is a must.

6. Don’t Discard Mistakes

Some photographers tend to check images on the fly and sometimes delete those that don’t work at all in a jiffy. The problem is that this action might delete some interesting and usable images. Keep them so that they can be manipulated later for some abstract shots too.

7. Change Your Perspective

Try to be creative with shots since most images in the album will be fairly ‘normal’ with several formal poses. The candid shots and a changed perspective can help you make sure that the shots from down low, up high, etc. can create the celebratory feel better.

8. Wedding Group Shots

The key is to be able to get people to stand quickly and be ready for the intended shots. The best way to get people in a place first gets the bride and groom there so that everyone else heads into that space.

9. Fill Flash

When shooting outside, one might want to keep the flash attached for fill-in flash. You can even dial it back a little so that the shots are not blown out

10. Continuous Shooting Mode

Shooting images fast is handy on a wedding day when there is lots of movement. You can finalize one that really captures the moment perfectly!

11. Wear Comfy Shoes

Go for good comfy shoes for the bride and insist on them since the wedding photography might get ruined if the bride is in visible discomfort. You would not like to take grumpy photographs ever!

12. Wedding Dresses during Civil are White

Since the wedding dress is going to stay white, you might need to dial in positive exposure compensation and thus click ideal photos. Remain invisible as much as possible. Give them some space and use a longer lens for shooting them.

13. Watch for the little, Unexpected Moments

Always capture moments that are unexpected especially when the couple is sharing special moments with her parents or family.

14. Use the Environment to the Fullest!

Use good “framing” in weddings. Shooting through a crowd with the couple in focus is a good immersive ploy. Shooting through glass, people, nature, gives a great dreamy look to the entire wedding.

15. Get up close if possible

During the ceremony try to be near to the bride and groom, ensuring the best pictures of the event between the ceremony and even the reception.

16. Pay Attention to the Kids and their Relations

Do keep the photographs of relevant children in the wedding especially those of the family.

17. Seize the Perfect Moment for Some Relaxation

It is important for yourself to get some time to relax. Maybe one can look at photos on the camera and get rid of bad ones for some space on the memory card.

18. Bring a Short Ladder or Step Stool

Bringing a step stool or a short ladder so that the group photos are good enough to be tweaked with great angles. The height also helps in getting creative shots of the couple.

19. Dress Appropriately

Know ahead of time about the dress code for the wedding and dress accordingly. But do not go overboard since the shoot matters more.

20. Know the Recipe for Natural Light Success

Opt for “golden hours” for solo shots of the bride backlit by the sun and let the attire glow. Get some flash for filling detail on the face.

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