Getting great photos is hugely important on the wedding day as those memories will be made immortal and remain forever. That is why it is perhaps the most important to get a great photographer to capture the magical moments.
With that in mind, today I want to give you some quick tips for couples on hiring a wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographer

1. Style:

Each photographer will have a unique signature, and that is why couples need to look at their respective styles before hiring one.
Some are documentary photographers like myself who capture real emotions, and others are more into portraits. Then there are some who are fine art photographers where they capture portraits and skilfully edit the pictures.
So it all depends on what kind of style a couple is looking for, and by looking at their respective portfolios, they can determine this. (See the style of Rohit Gautam)

2. Consultation:

Once you have zeroed in on the style couples should try to meet the photographer in person. It’s all good on websites/Facebook etc. but a consultation is a must. Without meeting and knowing each other, you would not know if a specific photographer is for you or not.
Meeting your photographer in person You will also get a chance to see more of their portfolio, which is not on the website and albums he/she provides.
Additionally, by discussing the requirements, a photographer would be able to give you an exact quotation as well. Also, they can discuss the post-wedding process on how long it would take for delivery of products.

3. Numbers:

The number of photographers you need to hire depends on how many guests are there at the wedding.
Most photographers work with an associate, so there are usually two on the day. It doesn’t mean that they can capture everything. It is impossible to capture everything.
Couples should look for quality, not quantity. You can have ten photographers, but if the quality is not great then it’s not worth it. Those ten photographers won’t be able to capture everything anyway. Couples should concentrate on the quality of the photos ahead of quantity.

4. Insurance:

Couples should ask if the wedding photographer is insured or not.
A professional wedding photographer will always be insured for public liability, and most venues ask for the insurance before photographers can photograph at the venue.

5. Contract:

Couples should sign a contract with the wedding photographer.
The terms can vary from photographer to photographer, but it protects both of you. A contract is a must for wedding photography, so everyone knows what to expect and when.

6. Trust:

You have chosen him/her to capture moments on your special day so have faith/trust in them.
On the day couples and photographer work for each other. Make sure a photographer is properly fed if it’s a long day event and given correct instructions.
Trust the photographer to capture the best moments and work together to immortalize an unforgettable day.

7. Budget:

To me, the budget is the last thing a couple should think.
Wedding photographs are very important for couples and photographs will remain with them for their life. There is no price on the photographs. Couples can spend thousands on venue/food/flowers etc. but if they do not have good photographs to show then, it’s a waste.
A good photographer will capture all the details/emotions in a way that couples will remember it throughout their life, so I would say photography/videography is most important part of a wedding. (Get a Quote from Rohit Gautam)
I can understand that some will have a budget in their mind, but it is the investment they are making. It’s not the expense.
Hope you found the tips useful If you have any query feel free to reach out to me at