Rajendra P Joshi
  • Rajendra P Joshi

  • Darshan Weddings
  • Being a wedding photographer and especially an Asian wedding photographer, a Hindu ceremony is the most important one to photograph. The auspicious occasion is managed by a Hindu Priest (Maharaj as we call in Hindi) and he is the sole incharge of the ceremony. As a photographer we have to work around Mandap and try to work discreetly so that Maharaj can conduct the ceremony peacefully and more importantly explain to the couple and the guests of each steps throughout. Having a knowledgable priest help us to create beautiful story of the ceremony. This is where Rajendra P Joshi aka Raju bhai excels. He conducts beautiful ceremony for bride and groom and as well as for photographers so that we can capture the emotions. He knows when to come in and stand out so that we have space to cover the wedding. His softness and manner of his explanations are what makes the ceremony more engaging. It is always my pleasure to work with him on the day because I know the day will run smoothly and ceremony will be conducted in absolute silence.

Pagh Vala
  • Pagh Vala

  • Pagh Vala is a team duo of Barinder & Jagdeep and between them, they have over 30 years' experience in tying classic and unique turbans.

Matt D Sax
  • Matt D Sax

  • Matt is a London based professional saxophonist with over 10 years of performance experience. His performance history includes festivals, private parties, corporate events and weddings at a variety of prestigious venues.

Good Intents Marquee
  • Good Intents Marquee

  • Good Intents offers quality marquee hire in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Bristol, South Wales, Cheshire, Yorkshire, West Midlands, East Midlands, Somerset and the South West, however we are more than happy to operate further from home while still keeping our competitive prices.

MC Raaj
  • MC Raaj

  • A professionally qualified Asian Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies who adds an extra touch of class and helps relieve the pressure of hosting your event.

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